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My Story

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Hello and thank you for wanting to learn more about me. I joined Scentsy in April 2011 to pass time while my significant other was deployed in Afghanistan. I joined not knowing anything about direct sales or exactly what I was getting myself into. I just simply asked the most common questions how much is it to join? What do I have to do to stay active? What will come in the starting kit? Prior to joining I hosted 2 basket parties and seeing how people were so interested in the product I decided to join & give it a try.
As soon as I received my kit I made a post on social media shared the news with my friends & family. Shortly after joining I began to grow my team. I soon realized that Scentsy was what I have been waiting for my whole life.
Scentsy is a BIG family and I am honored to be part of it. A place where I can motivate, inspire people to follow their dreams. I am only as successful as my team. Today I have the opportunity to inspire people every day with Scentsy. You can find freedom & self confidence with Scentsy. I sure have.
I can offer everyone great non-toxic, safe products that are a great alternative to candles. Did you know that candles are responsible for 50% of fires? Did you know that the suttee that comes off a medium size candle is the same amount than 2 packs of cigarette?
The multi-level business is the BEST business because we are all purchasing products that we want and need from each other and we are all benefitting from it. It’s genius.
Today, I am so glad I joined Scentsy when I did. I believe that we are always afraid to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. But that’s where freedom lies, that’s where we grow and become the person we want to be.
Today I would like to “Thank you” for having me as your Scentsy Consultant! I really appreciate you in my life. You are making my dreams come true. If I can help make your dreams come true, I would love to support you in any way I can. If you want to join my team, I would love to have you. When you join, you’re getting an international family with so much love, so much support. You would be starting your own business, but you’re not starting your business alone.

Incentive Trip Earner Wish Upon A Scentsy Star (Disney World, FL, June 2016)
2017 Annual Mentor Award
2017 Annual Sales Award
Incentive Trip Earner Punta Cana for 2 (June 2017)
National Convention Speaker - Instagram (Kansas City, MO - July 2017)
2018 Annual Mentor Award
2018 Annual Sales Award
Incentive Trip Earner Mediterranean Cruise for 2 (June 2018)
National Convention Speaker - Social Media (Anaheim, CA - July 2018)
Incentive Trip Earner Moon Palace in Mexico for 2 (January 2019)
Local Convention Site Speaker - Customer Follow up (Riverside, CA February 2019)
Incentive Trip Earner Marco Island in Florida for 2 (June 2019)
National Convention Speaker - Collect Contact Information (Austin, TX - July 2019)
2019 Annual Sales Award
Local Convention Speaker - Step up your Scentsy Life (Riverside, CA February 2020)
TOP 150 Incentive Trip Earner (June 2020)
Promoted to Star Director (Top .1% of the company)
TOP 50 Summer Incentive Earner (June 2020)
2020 Annual Sales Award
2020 Fall Incentive Trip Earner - Level 6 (Top level)
2021 Annual Mentor Award
2021 Annual Sales Award
TOP 75 Fall Incentive Trip Earner
2022 Annual Sales Award
National Convention Speaker - Party with a Purpose (Salt Lake City, Utah 2022)
Brick by Brick Summer 2022 Incentive Level 1, 2 and 3 earner
2023 Annual Sales Award
National Convention Speaker - Scentsy Club (Charlotte, NC, July 2023)
Find Your Focus Summer Incentive Level 1, 2 and 3 & TOP 50 PRV earner (July 2023)
2023 Fall Incentive Trip Earner - Level 3 (Top level)

Mayra Rabolli, Independent Scentsy Star Director

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